How To Start A Successful Clothing Brand

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So, you're a fashion genius. You’re always best dressed, always on trend and now it’s time to share your gift with the world. You’ve created unique designs, and are ready to start your own clothing brand. So how do you get started?

1. Identify Your Niche + Target Audience

The first step to starting a clothing brand is identifying who you are making clothes for. Start small and then expand out. Are you a women’s brand focused on providing clothing for curvy females? Do you have your eye set on children’s clothing with funny captions? Maybe you want to create designs for the young business person who doesn’t want to wear a traditional suit or dress to work. Select a focus of your brand and do some research to see what is needed in that niche.

2. Create a Business Plan

A business plan is a roadmap to your business goals and how you will get there. Take some time to write down your vision for this clothing line. Do you want it to be a boutique brand or would you like to see it sold in big box stores like Nordstorm? Will this be an affordable brand or a high-end luxury? Create a mission statement, brand name, logo, a vision of what management will look like, and your overall hope for sales when your business takes off. Need a little help writing a business plan? The U.S Small Business Association has a great source to help.

3. Design + Choose a Vendor

It’s now time to design the line that your company will launch with. Grab your sketch pad and see your visions come to life on paper. Make some samples to see those designs in reality. After you’ve created some samples you’ll need to select a vendor to help your designs come to life. You’ll also need to set price points for each piece of clothing. Keep your vendor costs in mind when selecting a price point. You want to make money, not lose it.

4. Marketing + Launch

Now that you have everything together is time to get your brand’s name out there. Create a website, and social media sites to go along with it. Put together some press packets and send some samples to influencers in your niche. Create a launch date, generate some excitement, and then be prepared for your launch. Try hosting a launch party, or offering a launch day special to encourage people to engage with your brand. After your launch, you can look to expand and partner with other brands or stores to further heighten your sales.

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